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At Sydney’s newest dance studio, we’ve had wonderful responses in just our first month!

After being open for just over 4 weeks now, we love seeing it all come together and the response we have been getting from dancers and students. Our favourite thing so far is seeing a small community being built one class at a time - all through dance. There has been so much love and support.

Here’s what our students and teachers are saying about their real life experiences at DUTI:

"It has a one-on-one feel, it is a personable studio, rather than other larger studios. I feel valued as a person and not just a number. I love Nicholas Tredrea's Contemporary class on Tuesdays at 6:30pm. I take his class each week and get feedback from him all the time, which is what I want from a dance studio."
Rachel McIntyre - 11 Class Pass Holder

"Since DUTI STUDIOS started I feel like dancers now get more opportunity to train as they offer a selection of classes and styles. It is definitely 'Quality over Quantity' at DUTI. The classes are open to all, beginner to experienced, so it gives you the chance to meet new people and great dancers each week. The space is bright and has a warm atmosphere."
Konstantina Anagnostou - 5 Class Pass Holder

"DUTI STUDIOS makes you feel like you're dancing in a building somewhere in New York. It makes you want to pour your heart out on the dance floor. I love this place"
Forever Tupou - DUTI STUDIOS Teacher

"To start off I would say it’s welcoming, home-like and safe. I love what the studio represents and how it supports dance in Sydney. We now have a regular place for dancers to go each week and train with great teachers."
Andrew Huynh - DUTI STUDIOS Teacher

"One of my goals was to create a dance studio to give dancers the opportunity to have consistency with their dance training, as I believe that is what makes us great. I wanted to create a home away from home and make it a place where they feel relaxed, yet motivated. I put so much thought into creating a studio that I myself would want to come and take class in ... It is just the beginning for us, but I feel we're about to take dance training to a different level."
Mathew Mizyed - DUTI STUDIOS Founder

Stay tuned as we have some exciting things planned ahead for Sydney!

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forever tupou

andrew huynh

mathew mizyed